How it works

How do we protect you?



The initial process will commence with both, the buyer and seller acceding on a set price and payment method. This is usually all done prior to contacting us, but you are able to concur on a price and payment method after contacting us as well. This is also where the $10.00 middleman will be paid (if the asking price is over $250.00). We accept various amounts of payment gateways, and they can all be found at the bottom of this page. If you have a special inquiry about a payment method that is not listed, feel free to contact us and we can see if we can accept it.



Here at Find Escrow, account safety and security is upheld as our highest priority. After the initialization process, we will verify that the owner has full access to the account. During this period, we will need the owner to DM/Message or Prove the ownership of the account. We implement this step merely to assure the seller has consummate and full access to the account. We require the Legitimate proofs for this step just to ascertain the verification we are receiving is not Photoshopped or tampered with from it's pristine state.



Finally, after all of the previous steps have been completed, the buyer will transfer money to us using the Chat Button Below and we will verify on both ends that the payment has been sent and received Then we will Provide buyer with a Transaction ID . After verified, Seller has to contact us and provide the Transaction ID , So we are sure we will be talking to the right person , then the  seller has to transfer the account ownership to the us , and then afterwards we will release the payment to the Seller . Once seller confirms the payment has been received , We release account ownership to buyer . We allow the buyer a twenty-four hour protection after purchasing the account. Anything that happens within this twenty-four hour period will be on Find Escrow, and we will manually get it sorted out. Anything that extends beyond the twenty-four hour period will not initially be on us, however if either party wants to bring Find Escrow into the dispute or whatever the issue may be, we will join in.






What if the seller pulls back the account?
In this case, depending on the final sale price we will approach the situation accordingly. We will first confront the seller to try and figure out what happened, if the seller does not cooperate, then the buyer has one of two options... The buyer can either decide to puruse the case legally (with the assistance of FIND ESCROW) or, the seller can issue a refund/provide the account back to the buyer.
Can I refund the account I bought?
Once the buyer has secured the account and changed credentials, as long as the account is not pulled back within 48 hours, the account is non-refundable.
Is your service safe?
Yes, our number one priority is safety and security during the transaction. We value our customers and ensure that the transaction goes as smooth as possible in order to provide a happy experience for both parties.
Do you charge a fee for the middleman?
Yes, we do charge a $10.00 middleman fee. We take %0 of the final sale price, and the middleman fee is to be paid upfront by either party. However, transactions under $250.00 of value are not required to pay a middleman fee.
How will the seller get a notification to purchase my account?
Once we have verified you have full access, and rightful ownership to the account, we will contact the buyer using the email address you've provided in our form notifying them that we have the account ready to purchase.





Accepted payment methods